Grandma Kate’s Barber Shop

Grandma Kate, the barber, since 1972, continues to enjoy the comradery in the barber shop, at 292 Stewart St. in Renfrew’s Stewart Street Commercial District.

Kate has created a new line of nutritious products for hair, beards and skin. Using all-natural ingredients, she encourages people to take care of their skin, as it is the largest organ of the human body and helps to protect other vital organs. Providing skin nourishment with healthy products, keeps it in good condition.

With an extensive education in hair and skin care, as well as health and fitness, she incorporates her Living Class into many barber shop discussions. Clients leave her shop feeling refreshed and knowing more about the importance of good hygiene and sound nutrition.

For Barber Shop hours, please call 343-361-0593.

Hair Cuts – $18.00 and up

Facial Hair Grooming – $10.00 and up

Show Kate your hairstyle photos with your cell phone, laptops or tablets and she will do her best to replicate it or create a style that works for you. During your service you will also learn how to care for your new style. Free internet available while you wait but please, no digital device usage, during your services. Thank you for respecting my time and the time of those waiting to be served. 

Give yourself a few peaceful moments at Grandma Kate’s Barber Shop.
You will be happy that you did.

Ask for an estimate of the total costs and the amount of time the services will take, before you determine if you are ready to proceed.  There are no appointments and you are not on an assembly line in the barber shop. Be sure to let her know if you are on a tight schedule, so that you are not disappointed with any unrealistic expectations on your part. Relax and enjoy some top-notch pampering, without hurry or worry.

Phone 343-361-0593 for weekly hours.

Cash, Debit and Credit cards accepted.

Free onsite and street parking.