The artist signs her name K. E. Windle and is happy to sit for hours, painting, writing and composing for her growing audience. Telling tales on paper or bringing colour to life on a canvas or in a photograph, gives her immense joy and satisfaction. Selling her crafts in her shop, gives her fans and clients inspiration, to do more with their own creative natures.

Kate created a Living Class that she enjoys presenting and selling to those who would like to understand healthy emotional expression and the importance of living well and nourishing the body. The Living Class is an opportunity to explore a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Singing is second nature to Kate and her first self-recorded and self-published CD, Beyond Genre can be purchased on iTunes.

Copies of Kate’s music and movies can be purchased at her 292 Stewart St. shop.

To view Kate’s most current work, click here and browse her YouTube channel.

– Love Is
– Need A Time Out
– Sadness Is A Feeling
– Sometimes I Wonder
– When I Get Excited
– Things That Make Me Terrified
– Happy As Can Be
– Peace Is Deep Inside Me
– Each Moment

– One Of A Million
– Julie’s Gifts
– Have You Ever Been to Renfrew?
– From This Day
– Dreams Are Like Wishes
– One and Only Wish
– Momma
– When Mac Beattie Sings
– The Greatest Gift
– Free To Be Me
– Big Angry Stomp
– The Music Notes
– Wake Up
– When I Get Excited

Growing Our Roots 
– Survival – Zambian Style
– A Giant Life – How to Grow and Compete with a Giant Atlantic Pumpkin
North of the Bonnechere
The Robins Nest – Singing Solo
Get Up and Grow

– A Giant Life – DVD that teaches the viewer about competition and healthy living
– Now and Again – A Celebration of Life in Renfrew – DVD historic documentary
– The Robins Nest – DVD based in nature and educates about healthy emotional expression
– Growing Our Roots

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